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Power Saver with PIR Sensor

Iswanto - -, Riski Dwi Setiawan


Electrical energy is a major necessity in human life. Sometimes people cannot control the use of electricity causing power dissipation so that the monthly fee will swell. The monthly fee swells because the electrical energy consumption is uncontrolled and one forgets to turn off electrical appliances not in use. From the above, research problem is trying to create a tool that is expected to control the use of electricity, using a PIR motion-detection sensor human and 30A ACS712 current sensor as a detector current flows. From these results it can be concluded that the tool is able to detect human movement and the current flowing in the load attached. At the time no one is in a room, turn-off tool can automatically load. Detection of movement can only occur if the motion is in PIR sensor detection range.


PIR sensor, sensor electrical current, detection of the movement of people, AVR

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