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Microcontroller based Temperature Controlling and Monitoring System with Graphical User Interface

Dhruv Maheshbhai Patel, Taher Kalolwala, Gopal Thakor


Temperature is one of the most important process variables in the process control. Process control is an efficient expression of improving the operation of a process, the productivity of a plant, in-crease flexibility and the quality of products. The accurate measurement of temperature is not an easy task. The aim of this work is to develop a low-cost and flexible temperature controller for controlling and monitoring the temperature. The purpose of temperature control is to facilitate a system to a specified temperature, then maintain it at that temperature in a controlled manner. Using ATmega8 microcontroller is the best and cheapest way in which this type of control can be accomplished. In this work, the authors are basically trying to introduce a temperature control system that reduces human effort to control the temperature. The temperature sensor will sense the temperature. The microcontroller will do the computing task and as per the software will compare the value of current temperature and the set point values. It will send the data to LCD for dis-playing it .The data will also be sent to the computer where the operator will also be able to monitor the whole process. Then, the signal will be passed to the relays to On-Off the heat-er/cooler for maintaining the correct temperature. In this work, the GUI is developed by using Visual Basic 6.0. The GUI is used for monitoring the current and set point value of temperature with graphical representation and provide ON/OFF status of cooler and heater. GUI is also used for providing record of previous set point value of temperature, current temperature value and status of cooler and heater with time and date.


ATmega8 microcontroller, temperature sensor, graphical user interface (GUI), LCD, heater fan and cooler fan.

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