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Automatic Evaluation of the Thin-Film Multijunction TVC Performance in the Highly Accurate AC Voltage Measurements

Rasha S. M. Ali


In this paper, The Thin-Film Multijunction Thermal Converter (TFMJTC) is evaluated by comparing its performance with the Single Junction Thermal Converter (SJTC) performance. This comparison is performed automatically by making new LabVIEW programs which are developed especially for this purpose. The performance of the TFMJTC is determined with the help of characteristic tests which are important to each thermal converter (TC) to be determined to put them into consideration during the measurement by using this TC because they affects on its performance. These tests are steady state time, dc response time, n-Factor, dc reversal difference, frequency dependence and ac voltage which is better to be used in the accurate ac voltage measurement. The performance of the two TCs is tested simultaneously after waiting the determined steady state time for each TC. Full details about the developed programs and their procedures are illustrated in this paper. The expanded uncertainty of the ac voltage measurement is also evaluated.  


AC-DC transfer standard, thin-film multijunction thermal converter, thermal converter characteristics, thermal element, uncertainty evaluation

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