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Design and Implementation of Two Tank Level Control System

B. Girirajan, S Semmalar


This paper designs the electrically based solenoid control valve to controls the level, based on the error voltage from the MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) control algorithm. Various control algorithms are derived for two tank system. Those algorithms are derived only on simulation data. Most of algorithms are coded using microcontroller. This proposed system is a live model of two tank level system controlled through MATLAB m-code. It consists of components such as level sensor, Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) Data acquisition module and solenoid control valve. The sensor used for level measurement is ultrasonic level sensor, to give level feedback of a system. The DAC module converts the digital output from the MATLAB into analog voltage to drive the solenoid control valve. The entire system is interfaced with MATLAB and suitable driver serial (RS-232) and parallel (LPT-1) lively connected.  The system is applicable in many process industries such a Chemical industries, Fertilizer industries, Petroleum refineries, Pharmaceutical industries and Power plants.


solenoid value, microcontroller, level control and sensor, control valve design, single tank system, interacting tank system

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