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Performance and Analysis of PI Controller using Characteristic Ratio Assignment Method for Coupled Tank Process

Elizabeth Rani T, Samson Isaac J



Control the level of the liquids is a critical need in many industrial processes. Often the tanks are so coupled together that the levels interact and exhibits a nonlinear behaviour. Control of coupled tank system using conventional PI controller, result in poor performance. In this paper the modelling and controller design for coupled tank liquid level process using characteristic ratio assignment (CRA) method is implemented. CRA method is an approach to directly control the transient response of linear time invariant systems. It is very convenient for fast adjustment of speed as well as damping ratio of the response. Finally, the simulation results have been done by MATLAB simulink.

Keywords: Characteristic Ratio Assignment (CRA), SISO Process, PI Controller



Characteristic Ratio Assignment (CRA), SISO Process, PI Controller

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