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We encourage librarians to list STM journal (s) among their library's electronic journal holdings. As well, it may be worth noting that STM Journal's open source publishing system empowers knowledge.

Subscription Details :


Online Mode: Register in the journal as a reader and pay using pay-pal account. 

Offline mode: Subscribers may download, print, fill out, and attach cheque / draft and the duly completed ‘Subscription / order form stating the name of journal ('s) and duration to the postal address given below by a secured post.


The Publisher,
STM JOURNALS, Division of Consortium eLearning Network Pvt. Ltd.

A-118 Ist Floor, Sector-63, Noida - 201 301 (U.P.), INDIA
Tel.: (+91) 0120  4781210, 4781211
[email protected]

Subscription and Access Norms General

·         Journal strives to bring- out its issues regularly.

·         Journal is not liable for any loss or consequences that might occur owing to the delay/ non- publication of a manuscript in a scheduled issue of this journal.

·         The Director, STM JOURNALS, who is also a chairman of the Publication Management Team of the Journal, is empowered to change the subscription rates of the Journal for an ensuing subscription year with or without a notice to the subscribers.