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Investigation of Surface Electromyography Signal for an Upper Limb Amputee

Amanpreet Kaur, Ravinder Agarwal, Amod Kumar


Surface electromyography (SEMG) is a method to measure the muscle activity of the skin. Sensors placed on the skin detect the electrical current or signal generated by active muscles. Lot of the research has focuses on the detection of signal from upper limb amputee with activity of triceps and biceps muscles. Our main aim of this study is to process the acquired signal from the different muscles of the shoulder of trans-humeral amputee who has no muscles activity below shoulder and extract the signal by different features extraction techniques. Afterward, classify the different muscles’ activation with the movement of arm and identify the best movement with respect to active muscle. The analysed data is directly useful for the researcher to design of prosthetic arms for near shoulder amputee for opening and closing of hand activity.

Keywords: Surface electromyography, signal,muscles, feature extraction, myoelectric signal, arm movements

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