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Efficient Partial Update Algorithm over Wireless Networks

Rupali Dewda, Vijay Barfa


Adaptive partial update algorithm is developed based on incremental method. The proposed algorithm applies in real time changing environment. The proposed algorithm responds to linear estimation with nodes in co – operative manner and less number of computations. The algorithm has powerful advantage is that it requires less number of coefficient and reduced computational and communication complexity in wireless sensor network. It is efficient because it has power of solving distributed estimation and optimization by learning mechanism. In wireless sensor networks there are various applications that involve phenomenon in which space parameter are varying like surveillance, environment monitoring, battle field, precision agriculture and medical application. In this paper three algorithms; sequential partial update, stochastic partial update and max partial update are compared in terms of mean square error (MSE). Performance characteristic and complexity analysis of each algorithm are compared with MATLAB simulation.



Keywords: Incremental network, Sequential partial update, stochastic partial update, Max partial update, MSE


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Rupali Dewda, Megha Gupta. Efficient Partial Update Algorithm over Wireless Networks, Current Trends in Signal Processing. 2016; 6(3): 1–8p.

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