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Challenges and Remedies for Stray Loss Prediction and Reduction for Power Transformer

Chirag Parekh, C.D. Kotwal, Avni Parikh


Power transformer facilitates the bulk power transmission for long distance. Cost wise it is one of the costliest objects of power system. This is the reason; their design has been a major concern and the subject of extended research. Nowadays customers are asking for highly efficient transformers in lower cost. That means, continual improvements, analyses and innovative techniques have to be adopted by designers and manufacturers. The stray loss analysis is one of the most challenging tasks ever been for a designer which may greatly support cost optimization process. Load losses in the transformer are formed due to ohmic resistance of windings plus other supporting losses. These supporting losses are stray losses which happen due to interaction of leakage field with nearby metallic components of transformer structure. The presented work is associated with the practical and simulation bases analysis, at both manufacturing and design stages for calculation, measurement and respective remedies of stray losses. A 3-D FEM analysis is carried out for power transformers to verify leakage flux and its interaction.



Keywords: Transformer design, stray loss, FEM


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Chirag Parekh, Kotwal CD, Avni Parikh. Challenges and Remedies for Stray Loss Prediction and Reduction for Power Transformer. Current Trends in Signal Processing. 2016; 6(1):25–34


Transformer design , Stray loss, FEM.

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