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Fuzzy Based Night Color Image Enhancement

Avinash Swami, Shaveta Arora


This paper presents an algorithm based on fuzzy sets for enhancement of images captured during night. HSV color space is employed to extract S and V components of the image and fuzzification is carried out on the V component. The fuzzified membership function is modified, defuzzified and three iterations are carried out. This algorithm enhances the dark region by restraining the glaring region, adjusting the contrast, distributing luminance evenly and brings out more details. Results are obtained for variety of night images under successive iterations quantitatively and qualitatively. A comparison of the proposed technique is done with histogram equalization to show that this algorithm is efficient and can preserve hue effectively.

Keywords: Fuzzy image processing, membership function, night vision enhancement, stretch coefficient, MATLAB

Cite this Article: Swami, Shaveta Arora. Fuzzy Based Night Color Image Enhancement. Current Trends in Signal Processing. 2015; 5(1): 1-6p.

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