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Jitter Estimation in Voice

Taru Aggarwal, Sharda Vashisth


Jitter is present in brisk perturbations of the vocal cycle lengths and when they are sampled at least at the rate of fundamental frequency they can be observed from one cycle to the next .Voice quality estimation can be done by analyzing jitter since it provides a high association with voice disorders. It also explains the variance of pitch keeps in the allowance of just noticeable difference, which can be attributed to the effect of audible feedback, and it affects the variance of jitter further. This is explained using a mathematical model. The pitch changes with the jitter, and the jitter’s change is limited by the pitch. Jitter is measured using very famous peak detection algorithm which estimates the absolute value of jitter. The jitter in percent defines the relative variance of periods in a voiced speech sound. Pitch is explored to establish its relation with jitter.

Keywords: Jitter, Pratt, matlab, pitch

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