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Performance Evaluation of Integrated UMTS-WLAN under Pervasive Environment

Harjit Pal Singh, Sandeepika -, Manju Bala


The integration of wireless access networks for next generation networks provides seamless internet connectivity anywhere at any time to the mobile users. The Wireless Local Area (WLAN) provides high data rate at low cost, but for limited coverage area and Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) is capable of providing the global coverage with in low cost. Integrated UMTS-WLAN network can be capable of providing ubiquitous connectivity and high data rate to the end user. This paper focuses on the comparative performance evaluation of integrated UMTS-WLAN Network. The proposed architecture analyzes the performance with outdoor to indoor and pedestrian path loss model for rural environment under varying network conditions.

Keywords: WLAN/UMTS integration, mobility, path loss



WLAN/UMTS integration, mobility, path loss

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