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Interactive Projector: Application of MATLAB Embedded JAVA

Dhruvik K Monpara, Yashpal V Javia, Darshan N Pandya, Kenil J Desai, Dhaval C Gondaliya, Prof. Ashish M Kothari


In this paper, the authors have worked on a technique to convert a simple projector into an interactive projector by using a LASER pointer. For this, the authors specially concentrated on transformation, namely projective transformation, for calibration purpose, feature extraction of a color image for locating a pointer and java commands to perform mouse operations. The authors manipulated an interested part of a captured image and matched its coordinates with screen resolution. To locate a pointer, the authors decided different threshold values for intensity of color, which can be obtained by subtracting gray scale of original color image from interested color image. After finding pointer location, mouse operations are performed accordingly.


Projective transform, pointer detection, centroid, digital image processing, embedded Java commands in MATLAB.

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