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Sixth Sense Device

Pritish Mahendra Vibhute, Shitalkumar subhash Pawar, M A Sayyad


Development of user interfaces influences the changes in the human-computer interaction (HCI). Despite tremendous development in input devices, many people still find the interaction with computers an uncomfortable experience. Efforts should be made to adapt computers to our natural means of communication: speech and body language. Human hand gestures have been a mode of nonverbal interaction widely used. Naturalistic and intuitiveness of the hand gesture has been a great motivating factor for the researchers in the area of HCI to put their efforts to research and develop the more promising means of interaction between human and computers. The aim of this paper is to propose a real-time vision system within visual interaction with computer environments through hand gesture recognition, using general-purpose hardware and low-cost sensors, like a simple computer and an USB web camera, so any user could make use of it in his office or at home. The gesture recognition system uses image processing techniques for detection, segmentation, tracking and recognition of hand gestures for converting it to a meaningful command. The interface being proposed here can be substantially applied towards different applications like open the system calculator, watch, image browser, games, etc.


Human computer interaction, segmentation, gesture recognition

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