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Empirical Mode Decomposition versus Wavelet filtering for Time Domain Electromagnetic Signals

Rajesh Tikamchand Keshwani, Sanjay Malhotra, Yatindra Kumar Taly


Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) methods are used for exploration of deep seated mineral deposits by measuring sub-surface conductivity of the earth. The response of earth is measured by an induction coil. The signals acquired are contaminated by variety of noises. Signal filtering plays a major role in order to obtain deeper information regarding subsurface conductivities. Various methods based on conventional DSP filters, wavelets, etc. have been attempted. This paper explains in short a methodology of Empirical mode decomposition by intrinsic mode functions. The potential of this technique for filtering TDEM signal is demonstrated, further a comparison of EMD technique with wavelet based filter is illustrated.


wavelet, EMD, IMF, TDEM

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