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Design and Implementation of a Framework for Travel Package Recommendations

P. Anjaneya Reddy, A. Sivva Kumar



Travel package recommendations are very important research area as the recommendations can help travellers to make well-informed decisions. The rationale behind this is that travel packages that are suitable for particular trip or travel can provide many benefits to travellers. In the recent past, tourism became an important source of income to many public and private sectors. Therefore, governments are taking special interest on providing tourism facilities. Travel package refers to a collection of facilities and pricing that caters to the needs of travellers. In this paper, we proposed a framework that takes care of travel package recommendations. It takes history of tours of a given tourist and provides travel package recommendations automatically. The travel package recommendations are the outcome of the framework. Towards this end, it performs various operations like neighbourhood selection, collaborative pricing, price distributions, collaborative filtering and travel package analysis. Then it generates travel package recommendations. We built a prototype application that demonstrates proof of the concept. The experimental results revealed that the proposed framework is useful in rendering travel package recommendations.

Keywords: Travel package, recommender systems, topic modelling, and collaborative filtering

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A. Sivva Kumar, P. Anjaneya Reddy. Design and Implementation of a Framework for Travel Package Recommendations. Current Trends in Information Technology. 2017; 7(2): 11–16p.



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