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Big Data to Big Data Mining: Issues, Challenges and Data Analytics Solutions

Madhulika Pandey, Madhulika Pandey, Krishan Kumar


Data has evolved at a great pace due to increasing interest of people and valuable contribution towards the emerging technologies. Emerging technologies are successful in generating huge quantity of data from various sources which in return provides Big Data. Big Data constitutes large amount of data in terms of texts, statistics, facts, figures, and records, etc., generated from heterogeneous environment. Big Data needs special attention for storage, managing, transportation and processing of data. It includes amassing of data in terms of 3V’s, i.e. volume, variety and velocity. Issues and challenges of Big Data are real time obstacles and needs instant consideration. This paper presents the overview of Big Data along with its issues and challenges. Applications of data mining in Big Data along with some of its open sources are also discussed in the paper.  

Keywords: Big Data, big data analytics, big data mining, Massive Online Analysis, R, GraphLab, Pegasus, Mahout 

Cite this Article Neeraj Kumar, Madhulika Pandey, Krishan Kumar. Big Data to Big Data Mining: Issues, Challenges and Data Analytics Solutions. Current trends in Information Technology. 2016; 6(3): 7– 15p. 


Big Data, Big Data Analytics, Big Data Mining, MOA, R, GraphLab, Pegasus, Mahout.

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