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A Literature Survey of Hand Geometry-based Verification System

Rizoan Toufiq, Md. Rabiul Islam


In security system, identification and verification are the immense important activities to access information or data in coming decade. In recent year, password is not a sufficient key to protect the vital information from unauthorized person or organization. So it becomes vital threaten for coming years to develop a system where biometric identification and verification must be introduced. Hand geometry recognition system is one of the biometric identification systems that have been developed in the recent past. Hand geometry has been used in a system for its ease of use. There are some limitations because of the uniqueness of the hand geometry. In recognition system, feature of hand has been rarely used. In verification system, basically hand geometry; figure geometry and palm geometry has been used to extract the different characteristic of human hand. Here a complete literature survey is presented for hand geometry-based verification system which will be helpful for further research development of this area.

Keywords: Hand geometry, palm geometry, distance measure, hand features component

Cite this Article: Toufiq R, Islam MR. A Literature Survey of Hand Geometry-Based Verification System. Current Trends in Information Technology. 2015; 5(1): 35-42p.


Hand geometry; palm geometry; distance measure; hand features component.

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