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Collection Management of E-Resources and Services of Pharmacy Institute Libraries of Central Gujarat: A Survey

Pravin I. Patel, Jigna B. Prajapati, Bhupendra G. Prajapati


As the electronic resources developed they make drastic changes in the library working and performance. The collection management is the essential tools for library, which presents practical, research-based information about building administering, preserving, assessing, and organizing library collections. The resources have changed the principles of selection radically. The selection is based on quality, library relevancy, aesthetic and technical aspects, and cost remain the same in the electronic era of information. In this survey, the investigator has tried to find out the planning, policies and strategies adopted by pharmacy institute libraries of central Gujarat region for develop of e-collections, which are majorly established in 10 years back. The assessment of the survey depends on the general consideration of the policy, practices and procedures adopted by the libraries under this survey. All institutes provide library services like lending reference service, reading hall facility, old exam paper, book bank facility, newspaper clipping, display of arrival of new books, etc. The study revealed that institutes have subscription Science Direct and Bentham respectively only 27.27 and 63.64%, which are mandatory as per AICTE Handbook 2012-13. Overall it can be concluded that e-resources have greater impact on library utilization especially in research and technology field. It provides students and faculties convenient, intelligent and rapid access to these resources.

Keywords: E-resources, central Gujarat, OPAC, soul 2.0

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