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Changing Trends and Development in Digital Environment: User Education

K. Rajaram, S. Jeyachitra, B. S. Swaroop Rani


Academic libraries today are complex institutions with multiple roles and a host of related operations and services developed over the years. Developing information technology has enabled academic libraries to move from traditional paper-based environments toward networked electronic ones. Developments in computers, microelectronics, and communication technologies have radically changed the library and information environment. A great number of global information resources are available to libraries now. The discussion focuses on the planning, organization and implementation and barriers of user in academics libraries. It also discusses the influence of information technology on user education and it is how users are introduced to OPACs, CD-ROMs and internet where available. Finally, the paper explores the possibilities of cooperation in the implementation of user education programmers in academic libraries in the digital environment.



Keywords: User education in academic libraries, user education planning, information technology, metadata, digital repositories reference services

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