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Awareness and Utilization of Social Networking Sites (SNS) Among Faculty of K. S. Rangasamy College of Technology in Tiruchengode: A Study

T. Indrani, S. Ally Sornam, K. Rajaram


The advancement of technology has shrunk the world into a global village. Though geographical barriers of the nation’s exist in reality but communication has made these barriers fade away. The information is passed in such a speed that by the touch of the button; an individual is able to access an ocean of information. Thanks to internet for making this magic. The same internet has created a society unto itself and the concept of networking has given way to building of relationships across nations. Special types of websites known as Social Networking Sites have come into existence. They have created a bond between people of different countries across the globe; helped then for knowledge sharing; voicing out their ideas over common issues and helping one another. To say they have given birth to a new concept called global community.



Keywords: Social networking sites, internet, global community

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