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Comparative Analysis of PowerPoint and Blackboard Teaching Methodologies

Gagandeep Kaur Jayjee, Priyavrat Thareja


In the era of latest technological advents, education and style of lecture delivering too have  undergone transformations. The teachings methods have seen a long list of changes beginning from Chalk and Talk method to the latest Computer Integrated Teaching while sailing through the bridge of PowerPoint. To reach successfully to the latest teaching methods like Computer integrated teaching, one must attain a good proficiency over PowerPoint. PowerPoint, a product of Microsoft has become an integral part of our lives. Whether business gatherings, academic conferences or even in media, it is finding large scale acceptance and appreciation. Education domain is also not untouched by the impact of PowerPoint. As the techies say, it has added power to every application it has entered into. But whether these presentations are truly preserving the essence of classroom teaching? To get a better answer to the posed question, a survey was conducted on 85 students and 35 teachers of PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh, India. In the questionnaire presented to them, numerous issues regarding PowerPoint and Blackboard teaching were asked. According to teachers, use of PowerPoint is more suitable for large class consisting of more than 100 students. The students were of the opinion that a mix of the conventional Blackboard and PowerPoint methods works well. The following Research Paper is an endeavour to throw some light upon several issues that need to be taken care of while using PowerPoint in teaching.


 Keywords: MS PowerPoint, Animation, Visual effects, Interactive Board, Computer Integrated Teaching (CIT)


MS PowerPoint, Animation, Visual effects, Interactive Board, Computer Integrated Teaching (CIT)

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