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A Survey on Different Approaches of Attribute based Encryption For Cloud File System

Swati Sengar, Satyendra Singh Rawat


Cloud computing has emerged as a solution for organizations that desire services on lease. It enables convenient and on-demand network access to a centralized pool of configurable computing resources. Among many of its applications, File distributing and sharing is one of the most commonly used services in cloud computing. The requirement of data security grows with the faster growing cloud computing. One feasible solution is Attribute based encryption (ABE). In this paper a hybrid approach that blends ABE and Shifted Huffman Encoding (SFT) for encryption is proposed. The solution focus on data security achieved by Attribute based encryption and data compression through Shifted Huffman Encoding. This paper is a comparative study of different ABE based techniques for Cloud Environment.

Keywords: Cloud computing, hierarchical attribute-based encryption, fine-grained access control, scalability

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