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Endosulfan-Induced Hepatotoxicity and its Amelioration by Administration of Bamboo (Dendrocalamus Strictus) Seed Extract in Rats

Naorem Chanu Sumedha, Achiraman S., Rajaganesh K., Milton Prabu S.


Endosulfan is an important hepatotoxic agent that generates free oxygen radicals in liver and the incidence of toxic injury to the liver tissue in relation to its widespread has been reported. Bamboo is rich in phenolic components which possess various bioactivities and bamboo seed extract was found to have antioxidative properties. Hence, the present study has been designed to assess the protective role of bamboo seed extract against endosulfan induced hepatotoxicity in rat as the endosulfan can persistent to environment where its attributes lead to bioconcentration and biomagnification in certain food chains. For experiments male albino rats weighing 170–190 g were randomly selected and divided into four groups consisting of six rats in each group. The hepatotoxic effects of oral administration of endosulfan (15 mg/kg B.W) and hepato-protective effect of co-administration of bamboo seed extract (90 mg/kg B.W) with endosulfan daily for 10 days, were investigated in rats using serum hepatic marker enzymes, liver protein profile and histopathological study. The activities of serum hepatic marker enzymes (aspartate amino transferase, alanine aminotransferase and alkaline phosphatase) in endosulfan treated rats increased significantly (p≤ 0.05) when compared to the control rats, indicating hepatic damage and it is supported by the missing protein band and microscopic examination of liver tissue where severe damage are exhibited. However, co-administration of bamboo seed extract with endosulfan significantly decreased (p ≤ 0.05) the activities of these enzymes when compared to the endosulfan treated rat, showing its hepatoprotective activity supported by the histopathological studies where the liver tissue is demonstrated with normal sinusoid(s) clearly visible between plates of uniform hepatocytes. The protective effect of bamboo seed extract on the liver was evidenced by altering all the changes induced by endosulfan.

Keywords: Endosulfan, bamboo seed extract, hepatotoxicity, serum marker enzymes


Endosulfan, Bamboo seed extract, Hepatotoxicity, Serum marker enzymes

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