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A Study on Burden, Social Support and Family Wellbeing among Caregivers’ of Mentally Ill Patients in Selected Hospitals at Bangalore, India

Dr. K. Jayashankar Reddy


A descriptive correlation study approach was carried out among caregivers of mentally ill patients in a selected hospital at Bangalore, Karnataka, India, to assess the burden, social support and family wellbeing among caregivers of mentally ill Patients and to find out the relationship between these three variables. The findings revealed that the maximum number of caregivers had mild to moderate burden (60%), low social support (82%) and perceived high level of wellbeing (48%); 36% had mild burden, 16% had moderate social support and 46% perceived moderate level of wellbeing. Caregivers’ burden in mentally ill patients had negative correlation with social support (r = −0.344, P < 0.005) and family wellbeing (r = −0.404, P < 0.005), i.e., as social support and family wellbeing decreased, caregiver burden increased. While there was positive correlation between social support and family well-being (r = 0.447, P < 0.005), i.e., family wellbeing increased with increased social support.


Caregivers, burden, social support, family wellbeing

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