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An FPGA-based Controller Design for Servo Actuator Using Xilinx System Generator and HDL Cosimulator

thangavel ananthan, M. V. Vaidyan, M. V. Varghese


This paper aims at designing a Field programmable gate array (FPGA)-based proportional, integral derivative (PID) controller in a servo-actuated control system. In the conventional method of implementing control systems in FPGA, there is no interaction between the controller and the system except for the final stage of implementing control system in the hardware. The proposed methods provide approaches for analyzing the performance of the controller and system in MATLAB simulink environment prior to the implementation in FPGA. This results in a faster and efficient hardware implementation of digital control system. Two methods developed and used in designing the controller and corresponding simulation results are presented. In addition, a comparative evaluation of the two methods is also discussed. 


FPGA design, PID controller, servo actuator, HDL cosimulation

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