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Deployment of Fi-Wi Networks Using Teaching Learning Based Optimization Algorithm

Uma Rathore Bhatt, Nitin Chouhan, Raksha Upadhyay, Chanchal Agrawal


The demand of bandwidth and mobility to end users is ever increasing. For fulfilling this, fiber-wireless (Fi-Wi) networks are designed by integrating the advantages of optical and wireless networks. Optical networks offer high bandwidth and stability while wireless networks offer cost efficiency and mobility. With these advantages, Fi-Wi networks also offer some challenging issues. There are four key issues in Fi-Wi networks, that are ONU placement, routing, energy saving and survivability. Amongst them, ONU placement is one of the important issues, since ONU is interlink between the fiber technology and wireless technology. ONU transfers the upstream data from wireless to optical line terminal (OLT) and the downstream data from OLT to wireless routers. Lesser the number of ONUs in the network, more is the cost efficiency in that network. For the placement of ONUs, various optimization algorithms are designed and applied. In this paper, an efficient algorithm based on ‘Teaching–Learning-Based Optimization (TLBO)’ is proposed for optimized placement of ONUs in Fi-Wi networks. The effectiveness of the method as compared to the other optimization methods is also explained. The proposed method is algorithm-specific parameter less method. Hence, different design variables do not affect the working of this method. It also results into reduced number of ONUs in Fi-Wi network.

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Uma Rathore Bhatt, Nitin Chouhan, Raksha Upadhyay et al. Deployment of Fi-Wi Networks Using Teaching Learning Based Optimization Algorithm. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems. 2017; 7(2): 14–26p.


FiWi network, optical network unit (ONU), wireless router (WR), teaching-learning-based optimization (TLBO)

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