Suitability of Crushed Ceramic Tiles as Fine Aggregates in Cement Mortar

Ravindra R, Anand Kumar BG, Patil Rooparchana


Recycled aggregates shall make a vital contribution towards the reuse of construction demolition waste which is otherwise dumped indiscriminately. The technical feasibility of utilization of crushed waste ceramic tiles as fine aggregates in cement mortar is studied. Physical characterization and comparison of the ceramic fine aggregates (CFAs) with natural fine aggregates (NFAs) was carried out and strength properties of cement mortar with ceramic fine aggregate were studied. The result was promising for a replacement ratio of natural fine aggregate with ceramic fine aggregate of 10%.

Keywords: Ceramic tile, natural fine aggregate, ceramic fine aggregate, compressive strength, density, sieve analysis


Ceramic tile, Natural fine aggregate, Ceramic fine aggregate, Compressive strength, Density, Sieve analysis.

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