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Formulation, Optimization and Evaluation of Flurbiprofen Liposomal Gel

Arun Raj R., Nikita Sara Abraham


The present study deals with effect of various combinations of lecithin, cholesterol, chloroform-methanol and tween-80 on liposomes of flurbiprofen. Optimization of the flurbiprofen liposomes by Design Expert software was done. Vesicle size, drug content, SEM and entrapment efficiency were evaluated. Flurbiprofen gel with optimized liposome using Carbopol 934 as gelling agents, were formulated. pH, spreadability and drug content in the gel were evaluated. Results of skin irritation study showed that formulation is nonirritant. Exvivo release study of flurbiprofen liposomal gel and gel with pure drug were compared using rat abdominal skin. This revealed that liposomal gel have better skin penetration than conventional gel. The kinetics of drug release followed higuchi release with anomalous nonfickian diffusion. The formulation was found to be stable even after accelerated stability study as per ICH guidelines. 


Keywords: Flurbiprofen, liposomal gel, Box-Behnken design, optimization, ex-vivo release study 

 Cite this Article Arun Raj R, Nikita Sara Abraham. Formulation, Optimization and Evaluation of Flurbiprofen Liposomal Gel. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 8(2):  33–42p. 


Flurbiprofen, Liposomal gel, Box – Behnken design, Optimization, Ex-vivo release study.

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