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A Brief Review of Interaction of Schiff Base Complexes with DNA: A Perceptive to Anti-cancer Agents

Rusal Raj Francis, M. A. Neelakantan


Owing to the importance in design and development of new antitherapeutic and anticancer drugs, the contemporary research in this field requires an extensive study and untired contribution of bio-chemists in addition to that of pharmacologists and medical professionals. Keeping in view the recent reports in this field, especially, giving attention to the studies on the interaction of Schiff base complexes with DNA has been reviewed briefly. The recent trends in bio-inorganic chemistry field promises to fulfill the requirement of a variety of anticancer therapies. Qualitative results rather than quantitative were emphasized here as this would at least provide an insight into the recent developments in the field.


Schiff base complexes; DNA interaction, DNA binding, DNA cleavage

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