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A Review on Herbal Approach in Treatment of Epilepsy

Neeraj Choudhary, Dr. Sandeep Arora


Epilepsy is the second most common neurological disorder after stroke characterized by seizures of various types which result from episodic neuronal discharges. In Management of epilepsy the main target is to achieve the balance between the factors which alters the excitatory postsynaptic potential and postsynaptic potential. Although several antiepileptic drugs are available to treat epilepsy, the treatment of epilepsy is still far from adequate. Traditionally the herbal drugs can be an alternate source in treatment of epilepsy with improved safety and efficacy. The herbal drugs/remedies can make the anticonvulsant treatment more rationale and patient friendly due to less side effects, toxicity and drug interactions. In addition, more safety, tolerability, efficacy, and fewer expenses especially in long term therapy are other advantages with herbal anticonvulsants. This review article explains about the pathophysiology, management of epilepsy, various herbal drugs used in the treatment of epilepsy and their responsible phytoconstituents for producing significant effect in controlling seizures.


epilepsy, herbal drugs, seizures, herbal phytoconstituents

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