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Effects of High Dose of Ethanolic Extract of Luffa cylindrica on Rat Uterus

Ankush Raj, Netrapal Singh, Arvind Shrma, Tanu Batra, Pradeep Kumar


The objective of the present study was to investigate the various aspects of uterus and uterine histology in cyclic female albino rats to gain insights into the possible mechanism of antifertility effect of the ethanolic extract of Luffa cylindrica. High dose level (0.5 mg/ml) of ethanoloic leaf extract of Luffa cylindrica was administered to determine the effect of the extract on uterine histology of female albino rats. The high dose levels severely affected various uterus parameters. The uterine weight is increased as a consequence of the changes in the diameter and thickness of different components of uterus. The secretary activity of gland has been disrupted which revealed the anti-implantation activity of Luffa cylindrica. It was concluded that Luffa cylindrica is a promising new antifertility agent and may be employed for antifertility programmer. Owing to the anti-implantation activity of Luffa cylindrica, it can be used for the development of contraceptive agents.


Luffa cylindrica, Rattus rattus, endometrium, uterine glands, uterine cells

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