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Development of Quality Standards for Cineraria maritima (L.) L.: A Homoeopathic Drug for Ophthalmic Disorders

Lalit Tiwari, Devaki Pant, Nitin Rai, Rajeev Kr. Sharma


The present study deals with the development of quality standards of Cineraria maritima (L.) L. used for the treatment of cataract. Detailed organoleptic, microscopical and physico-chemical studies of entire and powdered drug, alcoholic extract of leaf (referred to as mother tincture in Homoeopathy), succus prepared in the laboratory were done; HPTLC finger print studies of mother tincture, succus prepared in laboratory and market sample or finished product of succus were carried out. Data generated in the present study will be very helpful for checking adulteration of this important drug by the manufacturer prior to using raw material for the finished drug.


Cineraria maritima, quality standards, Homoeopathy

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