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Migratory Birds in Pakistan and Effects of Climate Change

Faisal Naeem Khan, Arshad Ali, Razia Shareef


Nature has blessed us with so many beautiful creations. Everything in the universe is playing its productive part as part of a cycle which is essentially followed by all living beings. Changing weathers, warm summers, freezing colds, pleasing springs and withering autumns, all play an important and significant role in our lives. Birds’ migration is a common phenomenon which over a past decade has witnessed a momentous change in pattern and behavior of birds. This all can be attributed to manmade disasters which are affecting the ecology at a great deal.  It is imperative that concerted steps are initiated in time to save nature so that we leave behind a healthy, greener and a safer environment for our children.


Keywords: migration, climate change, habitat, global warming

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Khan FN, Ali A, Shareef R. Migratory Birds in Pakistan and Effects of Climate Change. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Life Sciences. 2016; 6(2): 15–18p.


Migration, climate change, habitat, global warming

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