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A New Protocol for Analysis of Metal Absorption Capacity of Cyanobacteria

akshya ku Mishra, Samir K Bhoi, Saumendra Ku Dash, Mihir K Das


Cyanobacteria are one of the microorganisms that have high potential for removing heavy metals from the soil and water. They can sequester heavy metal ions in a short period of time through adsorption and absorption mechanisms .In the present investigation, we have studied about metal absorption capacity of cyanobacteria using new method and new instrument Electrolyter-1005,developed by the authors. From the result, it was concluded that Calothrix sp. is more efficient than Anabaena sp. for removal of HgCl2; so far their EC50 value is concerned. It is also concluded that OAEAGPS value is useful in selection of species for industrial bioremediation programs. This Electrolyter-1005 instrument is very cost effective so that it can be useful for microbiologist and environmentalist in their research purposes.

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