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A Comparative Study on the Effect of Organics and Inorganics on Agronomic Attributes of Paddy

D. Sridhar, M.B. Patil


A field study was conducted to evaluate different organic practices on growth and yield parameters of paddy. Treatment which was supplemented with inorganic practice (farmer’s practice) and was kept as control was recorded significantly highest plant height and number of tillers over other treatments at different critical stages, followed by the treatment which was supplemented with FYM (farm yard manure) at 10 t/ha + Green manure (Glyricidia) at 5 t/ha + Neem cake (soil application) at 375 kg/ ha + Trichoderma harzianum (soil application) at 130 kg/ha + Trichoderma harzianum (soil application) at 130 kg/ha + Beejamrutha (root dip) at 125 l/ ha + NSKE (Neem Seed Kernel Extract) five per cent (foliar spray) + Pseudomonas fluorescens at 2 g/ l (foliar spray). Similar results were obtained in case of yield attributes, number of panicles, 1000-grain weight and grain yield.


Organics, Inorganics, Attributes, Paddy

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