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Calculation improvement of the clay content in the hydrocarbon formation rocks

Dr Sudad Hameed Al-Obaidi


Natural radioactivity of reservoir rocks of oil and gas East Baghdad field is due not only to their content of clay material, but also the existence of uranium that located in the skeleton of rocks. In connection with this, for the shale content determination of reservoir rocks, it is necessary to exclude the uranium contribution from the overall intensity of the gamma radiation.

The paper presents the results of a research, using the data of spectral (standard) gamma ray logs–SGR, in which more accurate determination of the shaliness (clay content) in the productive zones of the Zubair section of East Baghdad field (In Iraq) is proposed.

With the help of a computer program, a formula that allows us to remove the effect of uranium, which affects the readings of gamma ray logging, is obtained.


Uranium, Clay content, gamma ray, CGR, SGR

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