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Study the Effect of Variation of Crude Assay on the Design of Distillation Column

Mohamed Abusin, Abdelgadir Basheer, Moh. Hamed, Moh. Abdlaziz


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of variation of crude assay on the design of crude distillation column. Different crudes assay (six samples of Sudanese crude oil) with different properties which are processed at the Khartoum Refinery Company have been simulated using Aspen HYSYS under the same operating conditions in order to identify the effect of this variation. Energy consumption optimization is done by using preheated train heat exchangers to raise the temperature of the crude from 31.2°ð¶ to 198.3°ð¶ (124500 kw has been saved). The simulation process show different products quantities with slightly variation in their purities. Specific products (e.g. naphtha) have been increased from 9.1–11.8%. As a result of that atmospheric residue decreases from 63.8–60.9% by controlling the reflux ratio, pumps around flow rate and using multi-feed locations. The design results are 2.4 m column diameter, 27.6 m height of the column and 54 numbers of trays.



Keywords: CDU, simulation, design, control, ASPEN HYSIS

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