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Modelling of Beam Pumping System using Simulation with Case Study

Mohd Kareemuddin Farhan, S. Nandi, PB. Jadhav


The study deals with analyzing the performance of beam pumping system or sucker rod pump (SRP) through automation and counter balancing. In order to operate the pump in an efficient manner, the performance of SRP is also analyzed in the conditions of under balanced, normally balanced and even for precisely balanced wells. The main focus of the work is to troubleshoot by systematic analysis of dynamometer card, correct interpretation and quick remedial and even does counterbalancing of the well in order to bring the performance of the sucker rod pump in a better manner. A set of data is collected and processed simultaneously by working with SRP wells in the field, which can facilitate optimum production of hydrocarbon and in doing so increases reservoir life, ultimate recovery performance and also reduces operating expenditure. When applied to wells on sucker rod pumping system, it may mean a real time monitoring, management by exception, desktop control, performance analysis of sucker rod pump systems and the system design itself. Each and every component is dynamic in nature, real time monitoring, analysis and remedial action becomes utmost important. This includes surveillance through supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system and optimization solutions viz., CS beam and PROSPER. Various parameters namely mass balance, stroke length, strokes per minute (SPM), rod string, pump size etc; are the key factors for optimum running of SRP. The proper selections of these parameters are considered in this study from detailed calculations followed by ‘in-house’ simulations. The proper understanding of dynamometer card is essential as it depends on the key factors mentioned earlier. The common problems that SRP faces are rod stuck up, rod part, gas interference, etc. All these problems have their respective signature on dynamometer cards. However, any problem encountered in the pump (downhole condition) can be detected by the change in shape of dynamometer card. This helps to take quick remedial action before the problem struck the pump.



Keywords: PROSPER, design, beam pumping system, installation, pumping system


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Md. K. Farhan, S. Nandi, PB. Jadhav. Modelling of beam pumping system using simulation with case study. Journal of Petroleum Engineering and Technology. 2016; 6(1): 9–24p.

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