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Process Scheme for Effluent Treatment for Reinjection of Produced Water

Babu M., R. R.Joshi


The scope of the study is to conceptualize a treatment process for produced water treatment and reinjection into reservoir for pressure support. ABC field is producing 800 m3/day, with 60% water cut. To access the suitability of using effluent water for reinjection in ABC field, produced water analysis and treated water parameters have been considered for conceptualizing the treatment design. Produced water analysis reveals its inferior quality in terms of total suspended solids, oil content and high turbidity [1]. For achieving the treated water parameter for injection, suitable treatment process comprising of following facilities have been considered. This includes, storage tanks, corrugated plate interceptors (CPI), induced gas flotation (IGF), walnut shell filtration, chemical dosing, gas blanketing, injection facilities and sludge handling. Treated facilities are expected to make produced water suitable for reinjection in ABC field and address environmental issues associated with its disposal.



Keywords: Treatment process, sludge, heater, environment


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Babu M, Joshi Ratnadip R. Process Scheme for Effluent Treatment for Reinjection of Produced Water. Journal of Petroleum Engineering and Technology (JoPET). 2015; 5(2): 49-52p.


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