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Characteristic study of Block and Bleed Valve in Petrochemicals Industries for the Steam Supply

C. R. Srinivasan, Mohan Raghuveer, Roshal Nikhil Menezes


This paper gives the idea of the use of the on/off valves in Petrochemical Industries for the steam supply. The on/off valves are used to block the inlet and the outlet side in the process when the pressure at the outlet is less than the inlet. The pressure switch is used to set identify the pressure drop and when the pressure is less than the set pressure the switch gets activated and the inlet and the outlet valve gets closed and the vent gets open. When the pressure is retained in the valve come to their original position. For this setup we are using an automated controller to avoid the manual interference during the process.

Keywords: Petrochemical Industry, PLC, control valves

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