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Intelligent Wells: Reservoir Next-gen Innovation

V. Vamsi Krishna, Sanjay R Joshi


Intelligent wells are a game-changing tool to the oil industry, which helps us reach our goal of getting maximum oil production with minimum cost in the safest and fastest way possible. This gives us the ability to monitor and remotely be aware of the downhole condition and respond quickly to any pressing issues either expected or unexpected in the reservoir performance. It was basically introduced to deal with the water production and later modified to help accelerate production, overall recovery and maintain and control the well system remotely. This paper deals with all the major aspects of intelligent wells, giving the scope of its work frame along with the changes made to it with time. The design and automation are explained along with the challenges faced and benefits gained from it through extensive literature survey.
Keywords: Oil production, control and monitoring, design, automation


Intelligent wells , oil production, automation, design, control and monitoring

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