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CO2-EOR and Geological Storage Option in the Bohaiwan Basin, East China

Rongshu Zeng, Zhilong Li


In this paper, the geological assessment of the Bohaiwan Basin in eastern China for the COACH (Cooperation Action within CCS China-EU) project is introduced. The results indicated that storing carbon dioxide in this region will be technically challenging and require a flexible storage solution. A pilot is suggested in Dagang for simultaneous injection with both enhanced oil recovery and storage. The analysis offers valuable reference in simultaneous injection of CO2 into a nearby larger oil field and adjacent aquifers. A potential storage option by combining the larger storage space anticipated for aquifers with the possible future financial incentives of CO2-EOR is also considered.


Keywords: Bohaiwan, Dagang, Jiyang, Huimin, Shengli





Bohaiwan, Dagang, Jiyang, Huimin, Shengli

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