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Extraction and Characterization of an Eco-Friendly Surfactant for Its Use in Enhanced Oil Recovery

Abhijit Samanta, Keka Ojha, Ajay Mandal, Keka Ojha, Ashis Sarkar


Experimental studies have been performed to explore the suitability of an eco-friendly surfactant in enhanced oil recovery. In this respect, herbal surfactant has been isolated from soap nut and characterized by its morphology and physico-chemical properties. The extracted surfactant reduces the interfacial tension significantly over a wide range of concentrations. A series of flooding experiments have been carried out using the extracted surfactant and substantial incremental recoveries have been observed after the conventional water flooding. Use of alkali and polymer were found to improve the incremental recovery because of synergistic effects of surfactant, polymer and alkali. 


Soapnut, surfactant, polymer, enhanced oil recovery, flooding

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