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An Overview of the Performance of Eco-friendly Polymers for Improving Oil Recovery from Existing Oil Fields

Virender Parkash Sharma, Baishali Sengupta, G. Udayabhanu


The demand for fossil fuels especially crude oil as well as its price is increasing day by day and have led to the search for newer methods and techniques for oil extraction worldwide and these are collectively known as enhanced oil recovery methods. This paper reviews the present status of the different types of organic and inorganic cross-linked polymers used by the Oil Industry for increasing the oil production. The paper deals with the progress made in different fields of Enhanced Oil Recovery. The present study indicates the suitability, merits as well as disadvantages of a particular cross-linker with reference to the reservoir characteristics of different oil fields where the polymer can be successfully used.


Keywords: Polymer gel, cross-linker, enhanced oil recovery, chemical flooding



Polymer gel, cross-linker, enhanced oil recovery, chemical flooding

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