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Pervaporation: Promising Method for Separation of Ethanol Using Fermentation

Sanjay H Amaley, Rajesh S. Sapkal, Vilas S. Sapkal


Various separation processes were used in the chemical industry along with their corresponding separating agents. The separation processes play a critical role in various chemical process industries, including the removal of impurities from raw materials, purification of products, separation of recycle streams, and removal of contaminants from air and effluents. Hence, it can be intensified by integrating existing and new unit operations, it offers a huge increase in efficiency and controllability, thereby saving a lot of raw materials and energy, reducing waste production, increasing yield and quality and improving production safety. This review, deals on the development and implementation of small scale continuous processes and processing systems helping chemical industries to get more out of their processes. A new hybrid processes combining functions like conversion and separation into a single unit i.e. in-situ or ex-situ type can be developed.

Keywords: Pervaporation, membrane, separation, ethanol, fermentation

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Amaley Sanjay H, Sapkal RS, Sapkal VS. Pervaporation: A Novel Process for Ethanol Separation using Fermentation. Journal of Modern Chemistry & Chemical Technology. 2015; 6(1): 17–24p.


Pervaporation, membrane, separation, ethanol, fermentation

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