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Solid State Studies of Chitosan and Starch Blend Films

M. S. Jayaprakash, K. Shivakumar, S. Sreenivasa, N. R. Mohan, Shashidar .


In this study blend films of Chitosan and starch were prepared by conventional solution-casting technique. Their miscibility was characterized by scanning electron microscopic (SEM) technique and Intermolecular interaction in blend system was investigated by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopic (FTIR) technique. SEM and FTIR measurements revealed that Chitosan/starch blends were miscible. Thermal properties of different blend compositions were assessed by Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA) and increase in the thermal stability of blend compositions were observed.


Keywords:Chitosan, starch, blends, SEM and FTIR.


Chitosan, starch, blends, SEM and FTIR.

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