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Corrosion Behavior of Ferrous Materials in Different Characteristics of Water

R. Lakshmi Sree, P.Mohamed Sirajudeen


Corrosion is one of the major problems affecting the performance, safety and appearance of metals. In the present study, the corrosion of ferrous materials like mild steel, aluminum-coated mild steel and mild steel with aluminum (sacrificial anode) are studied in different types of water (sea water, bore well water, synthetic sea water) for a period of 90 days. The experiment of these metals brought about significant changes in corrosion rate, OCP and pitting corrosion. Attempt of this study will be paramount to industrialists, materialists and engineering communities.


Keywords: mild steel, corrosion rate, OCP, pitting corrosion


mild steel, corrosion rate, OCP, pitting corrosion

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