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Studies on the Interaction of Oxovanadium (V) Ion with Human Serum Albumin by Physico-Chemical Methods

P. Arora, R. Kumar, R.P. Singh


The pH-metric and transmittance studies between oxovanadium (V) and human serum albumin (HSA) have been made these studies were carried out below isoelectric pH of human serum albumin (HSA). With the help of these studies the binding of oxovanadium (V) and (HSA) were shown in the form of different parameters such as-VM, log Ks and ΔGËš. Effect of the electrolyte (KCl) on the transmittance of metal-prorein complexes was also studied in this paper.


Keywords: pH-metry, transmittance, protein, oxovanadium ion


pH-metry, transmittance, protein, oxovanadium ion

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