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Copper (II) catalyzed oxidation of Hydrazine hydrate by Potassium ferricyanide

S. Shashidhar, Vidyavati Shastry, S. T. Nandibewoor, B. C. Sateesh


The kinetics of Cu(II) catalysed oxidation of hydrazine by hexacyanoferrate(III) is studied in acid medium. The stoichiometry of the reaction is 1:1. The first order condition is [N2H5]>[Fe(CN)63- ] is maintained. The order of the reaction is unity with respect to Fe(CN)63-, fractional  orders with respect to hydrazine and copper. The reaction is independent of variation of sulphuric acid and ionic strength. A suitable mechanism is proposed for the reaction.



Hexacyanoferrate(III), oxidation, hydrazine hydrate


Hexacyanoferrate(III), oxidation, hydrazine hydrate

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